In Production:

Fox Tiles

An arcade puzzle game with domino-like tiles, about love, trouble, foxes, mice, and popping big chains! A development journal will be linked here soon, as well as easier ways to keep up with our updates in the future.


Jamming with Python

A course in Python programming and Computer Science history. The object is to teach from the basics of programming through to making your own game using the pygame library. We hope this will be of great help to new programmers everywhere! (update is incoming when time allows, with minor corrections and rewriting for clarity.)

Future Plans:

Mystic Courier

An adventure game starring a new mystic courier, tasked with delivering things people need right now, but didn't think to order. Don't forget to greet your local cerberus on your way through the Underground.

How to Traverse the Void

A space game about traveling throughout the solar system, based on real space travel.