Rainy Days, Music Plays

5 July 2019

It's been a very rainy spring, and summer looks to be no different. Our lives have been a bit rocky at times, but we've still gotten a fair bit of progress. For a quick sample, here's Art, our musician, care of Ikks's animation! When clicked or tapped in Fox Tiles' UI, Art will act as a music toggle. When music plays, they play too!

You can also listen to the current draft of the Area 1 intro theme here. The foxes wake on a sleepy morning to find there's intruders lurking in their fields, and go out to investigate. This music is by Proxy, who will be handling our sound design as well as more tracks like this one.

On the programming side, Aubrey has been plugging away at a major refactor. Bugs in certain browsers made the game's old rendering engine burn a lot more CPU cycles than makes sense, so we're moving everything over to WebGL. We thought this wouldn't be necessary this early, but it's become too much to ignore. On the other hand, the results are making the engine's sprite-sheet handling resemble old school consoles' video memory a lot more! In the end, this will run much faster, even on browsers without those bugs.

You may notice some changes to our website. Take a look at the other tabs, especially the About tab, where you'll see the team we've put together! We've been working on Fox Tiles and a few other projects now for some time, but consider this a re-introduction. We look forward to showing you more, once more parts are in the right places. See you then!