Jamming with Python!

Welcome to this whirlwind course in Programming and the History of Computer Science!


In this course, you will learn the basics of Python programming, finishing with an introduction to pygame and two "game jams," one in which you create your own first independent game in one week, and another where you will work with a team for one month to complete an original project.

In between the basics, you will be introduced to various figures from the history of computer science, and the events surrounding each of them. Without the efforts of the many (and often unsung) giants of our field, modern computers would not exist. Neither would Python, or this course, for that matter.

This is a self-driven version of the course, so time limits and teamwork are ultimately up to you. Each lesson should be possible to study in a day or less, and the exercises will say how long they should likely take, if that's longer than a day. Attempting the game jams as you have time for them is highly recommended. It's a good way to really feel how much you've improved.


To begin the course, please start from this link, at 

Lesson 1

where will will go through the installation of Python 3.




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